Step One: Readings download pdf

You will be asked to pick one pair of

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readings from this proposed bibliography and to create a presentation to the studio (1 30×40 board, graphics only) based on your understanding of the

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topic, material, argument, and meaning of the work.

After-Sprawl, Xaveer de Geyter Architects
Weak and Diffuse Modernity
, Branzi

City: Urbanism and its End, Douglas W, Rae
Fixing Broken Cities
, Kromer

Recovering Landscape, James Corner, ed.
Landscape Urbanism Reader
, Waldheim, ed.

After Zero, New Geographies: 1, Turan and Ramos, ed.
Stalking Detroit
,  Daskalakis, Waldheim, and Young, eds.

The New American Ghetto, Camilo Jose Vergara
Everyday Urbanism
, Chase, Crawford, Kalinski, eds.

Shrinking Cities Volume 1 International Research, Oswalt, ed.
Shrinking Cities Volume 2 Interventions
, Oswalt, ed.

Less is Future: 19 Cities, 19 Themes, IBA Saxony-Anhalt 2010
Thalia Hotel Neustadt
, Annegret Hahn et. al., eds.

Organization Space: Landscapes, Highways, and Houses in America, Easterling
Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America
, Berger

The Liberal Monument, Alexander d’Hooghe
Dialectical Urbanism
, Merrifield

The Just City, Fainstein
, Altshuler and Luberoff

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